What is ParaPoly?

Inspired by Escape Rooms: An exciting puzzle tour through Mainz

ParaPoly - The Urban Adventure Game is a new kind of leisure activity. A game with components of scavenger hunt, escape game, and city tour, combined into a real-life board game.

Starting from a central square in the city, the tour takes you to famous places, important monuments, and interesting corners. Existing elements are used for the game, as in buildings, monuments, streets, and statues - this is how history comes alive.

The tasks were designed by escape game developers. And, just like in an escape room, each game has its own mission which is integrated into a story, along with the places you visit and the tasks you have to solve.

A game for everyone

ParaPoly is suitable for everyone who likes to play games, be it a parlour game, escape room, scavenger hunt, or city rally, everyone who loves adventure, likes to solve puzzles, does not shy away from two to three km of walking, and likes to experience something in a group. You can play as a couple or even in six, with children and grandparents.

Sounds great, but how exactly does it work?

You can start the game on your own and without making an appointment. All you need is a clever team of two to six people, a charged smartphone or tablet with approx. 100 MB of mobile internet, a pen, and the game card that we provide.


As soon as you have activated the ticket, the game can start. You can solve the first task directly on the game card, regardless of time and place. You enter the solution into the (web-)app, whose access data you will receive when you activate the ticket. If your answer is correct, the app will tell you where the first station of the game is located. There you have to solve a task, just like at a city rally. To do this, you need the information from the game card and the app, in addition to what you see in the location. Afterwards, you will receive a hint, like on a scavenger hunt, which will help you find the next station. In between the stops, you can use the app to display tourist information about the previous stop, and in this way, a bit like a guided tour, you can also find out interesting stuff about the places you are visiting.


You can interrupt the adventure at any time if you feel thirsty, hungry, or just want to take a break. You are not bound to opening hours and can continue the game the next day if the weather is bad. You have 48 hours from activation to solve the puzzles.


For more information, please visit our FAQ section.


A game for every occasion

If you fancy an extraordinary team building experience, you will find an exciting challenge at ParaPoly. Set off together, explore the city, solve the puzzles and get to know each other better. The adventure you experience together will strengthen your team spirit.

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For families

Are the kids bored with a classic stroll through the city? Add a little excitement with our varied puzzles. With a common goal in mind, the way through the city becomes an exciting adventure. And in between, there is always time for a break and discoveries off the beaten path.


Is it one of your last days of freedom? Or are you celebrating a birthday? No matter if a bachelor or hen party, birthday party, or other occasion, celebrate your day with an adventure through the city. Adapt the game to your rhythm and do not commit yourself to certain times, you determine when to start and how often you take a break.

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